Lost in Storage - Find personal items lost in storage auctions or estate sales.

Lost in Storage *** Find personal documents that were lost to an Estate Sale or Storage Auction. *** Buyers: List items recovered from an Estate Sale or Storage Unit Auction here. Include as much information about the sale as possible. Storage Facility Name, Storage Unit Number, Town of Sale, Auction Service, Auctioneer, Estate Sale Service, etc.
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add to favorites Extra Space Stoage Inc, Santa Ana. Ca 92705 511 S. Grand ave.
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My unit storage unit was auctioned off on 9/30/14 i was layed off work and could not make payments. I have important medical and dental records, tax papers, picture albums. There are also court papers i really need to keep. Just want all pictures & personel paper work, also have some off my grandmas personnel medical records and pics as well. Birth certificates, diplomas. This yet the worse feeling to know you lost memories. Please help me!!! Please send email to moe_c30@yahoo.com. willing to pay for shipping or go pick up. Thank you and god bless
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I had a photographer friend who was supposed to redo some old pictures and newspaper articles of my dad but he moved and put some things in storage and lost his unit. My father was a former track and field Olympian in 1976 his name is Ed Preston. The pictures are all the records we have of that time in his life and I would love to get them back. The pictures are in a red photo album. I believe the storage unit was auctioned off from Cube Smart in Cypress, tx sometime in 2012.I believe, If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it, email me at sdpcav@gmail.com
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My stuff was auctioned off on 9/26 from the South Street location. Bedroom furniture, personal papers, artwork, photos, clothes, books, toys, bike, misc. The personal items are extremely valuable to me and of absolutely no use to you. If you still have them and anything else please contact me and give me a chance to try to get them back.
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My stuff was auctioned off on 9/26 from the South Street location. Bedroom furniture, personal papers, artwork, photos, clothes, books, toys, bike, misc. The personal items are extremely valuable to me and of absolutely no use to you. If you still have them and anything else please contact me and give me a chance to try to get them back.
add to favorites San Juan Capistrano, CA: Price Self Storage auction August 2014 units 2133 & 2159
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Please contact me if there is any way I could get back our personal items... we are very distressed about some of the items that were in the unit. We moved to CA from Texas due to health issues, and put our entire house in two units in San Juan Capistrano, CA while we were trying to find a home. As well as all of our furniture and appliances, clothes, decor, jewelry, etc... we had irreplaceable items such as deceased family and children's photos, mementos, and albums, heirlooms, financial and tax records, legal documents, marriage certificate, yearbooks, and personal things of no real value to anyone but priceless to us. We would be willing and anxious to get a message from purchaser if possible to buy the items back. We are a military family and very sad these were lost. Thanks so much! Please contact me at kdlopez7@gmail.com if you are the purchaser of these units.
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Ann Arbor, Michigan. 5-Star Storage (formerly Safe-Lock) on Lohr Ct. Unit A-16. I am disabled and have been for about 15 years. I moved back to Michigan in 2012 and had to put all of my belongings in storage. There was furniture including a leather chair, an antique buffet table, bed frames, 2 night stands and more. I even had a Sleep-Number bed ($2,700. new) Back when I could still work, I used to travel- all of my pictures and mementos were in there. I never had much money so I collected sand and little boxes from where I went. I also collected die-cast cars. I probably had over 1,000. Most were MatchBoxes and Johnny Lightnings. Some I had had for almost 50 years. There were many one-of pictures of my grandparents whom I never met except for one Grandfather. I used to do
AIDS education and was a recipient of a "Spirit of Detroit Award". I would love to get that back.

When I found out that all of my stuff had been sold at auction I was shocked. They said they e-mailed me. There was NO e-mail!!! No certified letter. And I have since received a bill for ~$360.00. That's what I thought I owed.

Of course there is more. I just hope someone might be able to help reunite me with my past.
Thank you
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Items were in a storage unit at Portland Storage Too. Sold in auction approx 1 year ago. Would desperately like personal and nostalgic items back (baby clothes, pictures, wedding stuff).
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I am a resident of greenville sc.... My mom and step dad lost a storage back in 2003-2004 preferably 2003,anyhow they were not able to come up with the funds so it was auctioned off. It had brand new bunk beads,cloths,shoes,barely used washer,dryer, hand written poems,pictures,hand written raps,photo albums,dressers,mattresses,I can't remember everything but it was a lot.... I don't care about any of the other expensive items,I'm trying to recover my hand written poems and my boyfriend's hand written raps,songs,and our family photos. The name the storage was in was Angela Allen Address:17 Lawton Ave Greenville, SC storage was located is Located on 529 Wade Hampton Blvd 29609. if anyone has any info please contact myself Marian Paden at (864)612-4529 or via email padenmarian @yahoo.com thanks in advance.
add to favorites Storage unit sold fort collins co 9/9/2014
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My storage unit was sold in fort collins co on september 9th 2014. It was at Mini U Storage on kensington in fort collins co. There was nothing of value inside but everything in it is literally all i have. I have been in a safe house for several months . My high school diploma, pictures of my mom who passed away when I was 10, Marilyn Monroe picutres can help you id. Please, if you can find in your heart to at least give me or sell me my personal items It would literally save my life. Richelleeriojas@yahoo.com is my e-mail. Thank you
add to favorites All I had left sold in storage PLEASE HELP
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Hello. after leaving an abusive relationship of 10 years I had to open a storage unit to hold my few, priceless, sentimental items. I was in a transition looking for somewhere to live, staying in a safe house, ect. I knew I was passed due on my unit but I made arrangements with the manager over the phone. She told me it would't go to auction before the 19th. I called today, sept 18th to bring my unit current, and found out all of my things were sold on the 9th. My high school diploma, pictures of my mom who died when I was 10, nothing worth any money was inside but my heart is broken. Please contact me!
add to favorites Help me find my Deceased Mothers Things
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My Mom died 9 years ago, we had a storage unit that had some Family stuff in it including Furniture & my Moms Wedding Dress she wore when she Married my Dad our Unit was either D-5 or D-105 at Public Storage on Florin Road in Sacramento, Ca it was Auctioned a few years ago we were never warned that it would be Auctioned. Im desperate to find the items there all my Family & I have left of my Mom. It breaks my heart that we don't have them I feel like a piece of myself is missing. Please email me at nessaj1985.vj@gmail.com or call (916) 617-8669

Thank You,
add to favorites Danielle Garrett a daughters Hope
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My mother lost our storage in San Diego on 54th st. At public storage. It was in 2005. My father passed when I was 2 and the flag the military put on his casket was in there. All of my pictures of me and my dads were in there and letters he wrote to me and my mom while overseas. It had classic cassettes like the fat boys and run Dmc. The flag and the pictures would be a dream one true and the letters. My fathers name is Daniel Garrett
add to favorites Lost Tax Record, Pictures, Medical Records and
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My items were sold by Public Storage in Hoboken NJ on 8th and 14th street. The Manager sold my items illegally. They never notified me of the pending sale or followed any of the rules. When I asked them for proof they could not produce it. I need to get my personal items desperately. If you have them please contact me at 201-737-3789 I will give it another 30 days and then I will have to file a law suit.
add to favorites Chest with purple heart, war letters, deceased grandmother's wedding dress, ect.
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Hello my name is Cheyenne and I'm 19. Years ago my mom got a divorce and we moved to odessa tx. As a result. With limited funds, we got a small apartment and a big storage unit that held most of our belongings. My mother was the only one working and was a single parent providing for 3 children. She had to make some hard decisions, such as whether she should pay for the storage unit or food for her children. I think you can guess which one she chose. We ended up losing the storage unit. It was just items, no big deal, right? Wrong. In all of our stuff was my grandpa's purple heart, my deceased grandmother's wedding dress, and every single letter sent between my grandma and grandpa while he was serving in Vietnam. My mother completely shut down about the subject and refused to even talk about it so there was nothing I could do. Three or so years later I'm trying to track these items down for my mother. It would mean the absolute world to her to have them back. The storage unit name was Buena vista gardens apartments in Odessa tx. Thank you all in advance.
add to favorites childrens awards El Paso Zaragosa Storage 8 /18/ 014
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Hi I lost a storage in El Paso it has all my childrens awards and childhood things and personal blessed crosses. Im hoping someone sees this and ccan please get in touch with me I will purchase back please. Thank you
add to favorites QUESTION!!!!!
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I live in Mississippi. My storage unit went up for sale at an auction, but did not sell. Can I get my items because it did not sell - even if I cannot pay the full amount I owe the facility? Please advise! I did not see a place to put a question, so put it here. Thank you!
add to favorites Public Storage- Centerpoint, Al 35215 unit F 28
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I'm praying that whoever bought my storage unit F28 from Public Storage Centerpoint, Alabama on Huffman Rd during 8/25-8/27/2014 maybe earlier, has it in their heart to give or at least sell me back my children's baby pictures & other things I'd saved since they were babies plus memorabilia from my son's high school football days such as the three footballs with his name, date, name of school(Leeds high), yards per carry & touchdowns on them also the numerous trophies, newspaper articles, pics, recruitment letters, family pictures & other things that truly mean the world to me & my family. Please please please help me out. Thank you!
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I really hope that you all can help me get my pictures, and other personal items back. My name is Lisa Silverman. My storage was at Calabasas Self Storage

All of my photos of my family and two boys. All hospital photos birth certificates and all baby books.
add to favorites Nassau Worldwide Moving and Storage
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We are searching for any information regarding a storage unit long held at Nassau Worldwide Moving and Storage of 63 Lamar Street, West Babylon, NY 11704. Contact names we have are Arthur Giantos and John Lord. Any information that would lead to the recovery of our property would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I pray this message finds its way to the right person.

Dear Person Who Bought Storage Units 4032 and 4024 at auction on July 10, 2014 from CUBESMART 4771 ATLANTA RD SMYRNA GA:

Some items stored in these units are worth absolutely nothing to anyone else. And I pray that you still have them.


I will pay for return of all of these items.

If you have not sold items beside those above I will also gladly make you a lump sum offer exceeding what you paid CubeSmart. Please contact me at nineninemedia@gmail.com.

What I would like you to know about Me:

I have reached out to CubeSmart several times both before and after the auction. During this time my mother was dying and I left Georgia for Pennsylvania. It's my fault I didn't keep up with the auction timeframe ... I'm sorry but my mother was dying ... I was overwhelmed with discussions about whether she should continue being fed and where she should be buried to say the least. But in the midst of this horribly sad time I sent an email asking CubeSmart for a two day extension for the money due them to be wired electronically to me from an insurance account. They declined even though my mother's hospice facility sent a letter on my behalf showing that she had been sick since June.

After the auction, CubeSmart also declined giving me any information about you though I have said I am not angry as I was too overcome with fear and sadness of my mother's condition at the time. And I am at peace knowing that I made the right choice in leaving Georgia. As it turns out, my mother died just days after you bought everything I owned.

Afterward, the funeral director also wrote a letter on my behalf that was sent along with my plea to CubeSmart to let me know how to find you so I could make a financial offer to you that would have exceeded what you paid them. I kept writing them but got no information in return even when I offered to prove what happened with a certified death certificate and a receipt that the funds I'd mentioned had been wired as agreed.

Please. Please. Whoever you are, send me an email. If you're an auctioneer or a buyer in this area, tell someone my story. Tell them that I need a happy ending to the worst time of my life. You might know them. Please pass the word on. If you've lost a parent, you know what I'm feeling. Hurt. Heartbreak. Sadness. Loss.

Thank you so much for listening... maybe this message will get to the right person in time.

I pray that it does.

EMAIL: nineninemedia@gmail.com