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With the recent surge in Storage Auctions, Foreclosures and Forced Estate Sales there will be more family photos, marriage certificates, legal documents, medical histories, military records and more sent to the landfills.

Moments after the Auctioneer announces "SOLD", the buyer is directed how and when to dispose of the personal documents contained in the bulk sale. Different states have different laws on how long the buyer must retain personal documents found in auctions. Some storage companies retain these items for a specified time rather than burdening the auction buyer. is the only place where the auction buyer can make a connection with the original owner. We offer blind shipping services for those wanting anonymity. Read more in the FAQ section.

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Not everyone wants to admit that they have lost items to a storage auction. It can and does happen to every walk of life. Please share this site whenever possible, you never know who you may be helping now or in the future.

Thank you to everyone that supports our efforts and shares our link.

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Lost in Storage - Find personal items lost in storage auctions or estate sales.

Lost in Storage *** Find personal documents that were lost to an Estate Sale or Storage Auction. *** Buyers: List items recovered from an Estate Sale or Storage Unit Auction here. Include as much information about the sale as possible. Storage Facility Name, Storage Unit Number, Town of Sale, Auction Service, Auctioneer, Estate Sale Service, etc.
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add to favorites Calabasas Storage Unit- 2003/2004
I was a teenager and was evicted from what are now the Archstone Calabasas Apartments (Lupine Lane, Orchid Lane, etc.).

I believe my stuff was sent to "Storage Etc. Calabasas" on Old Scandia Lane. off the Parkway Calabasas exit.

All of my stuff was put into a storage unit and I'm assuming auctioned off.

Everything was in there that I had owned since birth- old photos, dance costumes, stuffed animals, clothes, gifts from friends, yearbooks, diaries, etc.

Yearbooks: La Reina High School (1998-2004)
Ascension Lutheran School (1992-1998)
Westlake High School (1990-1994)

There should be numerous dance costumes: tutus, shiny outfits, as well as an Irish Dance costume (traditional dress- white with green and gold on it- should say "O'Connor School" somewhere in there).

Any items with the names:
"Kate Kelly",
"Paul Kelly",
"Priscilla Kelly", or
"Drew Kelly".

School yearbooks and dance recital VHS tapes are mainly what I am looking for. . . lots of memories to be gone all in one day.

Will pay any amount requested for items. (I am a financially successful adult now).
Thank you.

(818) 585-2807
add to favorites Pictures and drawings
No Picture
I lost my storage in brooklyn, NY on september 23 2013. It had a lot of pictures of my son and drawings he made. It also had his baby books and pictures in envelopes of me when I was younger. If anyone has them please contact me, I am willing to pay to get them back.
add to favorites Lapeer,Michigan
No Picture
August 2013 childhood pictures and memories. Storage unit was auctioned off. Praying someone will return my memories.... email or call 810-564-5246
add to favorites heartbroken
We had a storage at affordable Storage in Albuquerque, NM. I am so heartbroken because I lost videos and pictures of my kids in their births. I hope to salvage these memories for them. I am willing to pay whatever possible. If you know anyone who goes to auctions in Albuquerque please share this.
Affordable storage (2nd St NW)
add to favorites PHOTO ALBUMS
No Picture
add to favorites Family Belongings
No Picture
Hello! My family recently lost our storage due to lack of the last 2 payments. We had a large unit--Unit number 2 at Uncle Bob's Storage on Harris Blvd. in Charlotte, NC. I believe the auction was held on August 14. I don't know if you will find any of our belongings valuable, but I just wanted to ask if the personal things can be sent to us. We lived in our house for about 6 years, and a lot of personal belongings are there. "Us" means myself, my mother, my deceased grandparent's belongings, my sister, and my two teenage brothers. Some things of importance to us are any education-related certificates, photographs, boxes of clothes, a box of fashion magazines, a green and pink carrying case, a beige scrapbook, a box labeled "Grandma's stuff", and any other personal items with our names on them especially. Our surnames are Franklin and Wynn. There are many books in storage as well. However, I understand that you may want to sell some of those books. Please send any magic treehouse books, any college textbooks, a children's bible, and a book containing dystopian stories. If you read this and are able and willing to reunite us with our belongings, thank you so much. I can be reached at and at 704 595 3730. My name is Atiya.
add to favorites Lost Memories
No Picture
My ex-husband and I moved back to Florida from Texas in 2004. We had to place our stuff in storage and he failed to pay on time. Our stuff was sold in auction. I am hoping to be reconnected with the pictures, scrapbooks and memorabilia of my kids, family, etc...
My name is Barbara Prats. I know that there were several things in storage that have name
add to favorites Family life auctioned off!!!
No Picture
My husband had a storage for us when we unexpectedly had to move. the storage unit was at Jack Rabbit storage in Virginia Beach, VA and the unit was G596, it was recently auctioned around July or Aug 2013, we didn't know of this until 2 days ago. I am a recent military vet and my medical record, copies of my service record, all of my uniforms and more personal records are in that unit. Our family album, my daughter's piggy bank. it is a white pig with pink writing and her name engraved on it, that says AMARI. Also I have a book of nothing but my nursing books, please help me in retrieving these items. If you have these things, we have lost everything in that unit, and we need your help in these important items. Please if you have things from that unit and feel it in your heart, I ask that you please send them to us. Just send them to Watkins Family at 103 Felton Dr, Milledgeville, GA 31061. Please help!!! You can contact me by email at or by phone at 478-451-5133, please help!!!!
add to favorites ALL my family history/MEDICAL-PLEASE HELP!
No Picture
HI, I am a single mom of 3 intellegent children and I had a storage unit in Phoenix Arizona located at StoreMOre Self Storage at 91st ave and McDowell, Unit number 7160. I was in a car accident in 2011, lost my home, car, saving, job and now my memories and those of my children. I took extra effort to make sure they had a past with preserving their fondest memories with items from school year books to handmade Christmast ornaments. I also had military medical records that Im desperately needing to have some much needed procedures done. Without those records I dont have much of a chance at full recovery due to the hospital no longer having those records because they were the originals. Since I dont have family left, pictures where the only connection I had to my past to share with my children and grandchildren.

PLEASE, I am physically sick over this and its adding to the emotional stress I am needing to steer clear of. In the event that someone has a heart to help me, there will be a compensation for your help and time. Below is my contact information. Thank you in advance.

JeAnna A.,Gabrielle S. Jalen S.
Cell 623.980.4717
add to favorites Compass Storage - Smyrna, Ga
No Picture
Unit C36 auctioned Friday, August 2, 2013. Compass Storage, formerly O'Storage in Smyrna/Marietta, Ga. Just want back personal sentimental things such as family pictures or videos. Willing to pay for whatever is left. Please contact me at or
add to favorites Sidebottom Family Albums
No Picture

In 2001 my family lost all of our personal belongings in a storage unit outside of Carmel, IN before a move to FL. My last name is "Sidebottom" and I am the oldest daughter of Michael and Margaret. My mother loved to take pictures, and we had probably >15 family photo albums that I am trying to track down. Our storage unit was filled with a whole house of furniture and in-between that were the things money can't replace.

Within these albums, I know she always wrote on the back of pictures in a cursive-like handwriting and there will be the names: Mike, Peg, Ashley, Steven, Abby, Scott, Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma Corinne, Grandpa Bob....would be the most frequent ones written. We lived in California back in the '80s and moved to the midwest (Indianapolis and Chicago area) in the 90's. The photos will most likely be dated. In case the photos haven't been kept together or in the albums: My dad is a tall, white, balding, dark haired man that used to wear very large glasses :) My mom also has dark hair, is tall, white and had huge 80's hair. All of us kids have either dark or dirty blonde hair and were young (I was born in '86 and am the oldest). We like Indiana basketball, used to have peacocks in our backyard in CA, and we lived on Lake Michigan when I was about 10. I know it's a lot of detail, but you never know :)

This is a very long time ago and I am hoping that someone felt compelled to hold onto them. Please contact me at if you have any information.

Thank you. Ashley Sidebottom
add to favorites Lost Memories :(
No Picture
This morning I lost my things in an auction. I had a storage unit at Public Storage in Fort Worth,TX(John T White unit 0542) for about three years, and I could not afford it anymore. Although I am saddened about losing the furniture and clothes etc., I AM DEVASTATED behind losing my photos(memories), and some of my other PERSONAL items. PLEASE contact me by email: Thank You
add to favorites Lost family photo albums
No Picture
My family's photo albums were lost in a storage unit in or around Elk Grove Village, Il sometime between 2010 and 2013. Possible location might be metro self storage on busse hwy. They would contain photos from 4-5 generations. They had been put there during an estate sale by a family member and never retrieved. The unit may have also contained some odd furniture and collectable toys (action figures?). Desperately searching for these photos.
add to favorites Redondo Beach unit lost to auction
No Picture
I recently lost my storage space to auction last week. Unemployment lead me to losing the space and they would not work with me, so it went up for Auction on 6/28/13. I have many pictures and priceless items that were handed down from my late grandmother. I would love to retrieve these items. Please contact me.
add to favorites Lost in Alb. New Mexico in 1974
No Picture
I think it was AAA Storage at the time. I lost furniture, washer/dryer, leather recliner, daughter's toy box, beds, dishes, pots and pans etc. But, most important was, a small piece of luggage with letters from my husband (deceased) and empty Marlboro cigarette boxes, an oil portrait of him and my photo albums. I know it was a long time ago, but maybe somebody knows something. Thank you so very much.
add to favorites Lost in Storage in Alb.New Mexico
No Picture
I think it was AAA Storage at the time. I lost furniture, washer/dryer, leather recliner, daughter's toy box, beds, dishes, pots and pans etc. But, most important was, a small piece of luggage with letters from my husband (deceased) and empty Marlboro cigarette boxes, an oil portrait of him and my photo albums. I know it was a long time ago, but maybe somebody knows something. Thank you so very much.
add to favorites Placed in storage in 1974
No Picture
I think it was AAA Storage in 1974. I lost furniture, washer/dryer, leather recliner, daughter's toy box, beds, dishes, pots and pans etc. But, most important was, a small piece of luggage with letters from my husband (deceased) and empty Marlboro cigarette boxes, an oil portrait of him and my photo albums. I know it was a long time ago, but maybe somebody knows something. Thank you so very much.
add to favorites pictures, baby memories
No Picture
i lost my storage unit years ago in 2005 and i have been trying to see if anyone may have a heart and held onto my childrens things...there was picture albums and baby books and other personel items..i know im just taking a chance but hey its worth a try...please call me at864-561-3985 or email me
add to favorites family items
No Picture
My family had a great loss and were unable to keep up out storage unit in manassas va and we lost everything. newborn baby pictures photo albums and all the keepsakes i had for the babies. please if anyone knows how i can get any of these things back it was at the public storage on sudley road. Thanks so much
add to favorites Lost family photo albums and documents.
No Picture
My family lost just about everything in September of 2009 when our business went down. The storage unit was located in Va Beach.

ALL of our photo albums where in that unit. There was a long bow, 1986 Honda Spree, White file boxes of documents, Tupperware boxes of baby shoes and keepsakes.

I would do anything to retrieve those photos for my Mom. She is heart broken over losing them.