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Because you might actually recover your lost personal documents and photos that were lost to/in a self-storage unit auction or estate sale.

The Lost in Storage website is neutral ground for locating missing personal documents that were lost in a storage auction or sale.

It is free to search if you lost personal items and free to list if personal items were part of a self storage unit auction that you purchased.

And best of all, it can be completely annonymous!! We also offer a blind shipping service. That would be if you, the buyer do not wish to let the original owner know your name or personal contact information. This fee would generally be the responsibility of the original storage unit renter.
However as the storage unit auction or estate buyer, you may choose to graciously cover the shipping fees either direct with no concerns for privacy or using our blind shipping service.

We look forward to many stories of successful recoveries!


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I am so excited!  Before creating Lost in Storage (www.lostinstorage.com), I spent many hours surfing around.  I ran across a lot of very interesting articles and blogs relating to storage and personal documents that I can not wait to share. Tons o’ resources!

I invite you to share your comments and tips as well!

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